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A house that is filthy and full of dirt is not called a home. Well, who would want to stay in a dirty place for real?

Many people cannot easily clean their homes because of their busy schedules. The result will always be a house surrounded by dirt and other elements that make the living inconvenient. The people who live in it especially the children are the ones who are most affected, which also causes them to get sick.


If you want your home to be sparkly clean and be free from any dirt, you must avail a cleaning service that is capable of providing the cleanliness that you want for your home. If you need the best cleaning service in Northern New Jersey, consider Mop Quest. We have been providing commercial cleaning and house cleaning that residents of the Northern New Jersey can avail whenever they need a cleaning service in their area.


Mop Quest Cleaning Services is your cleaning service provider that is capable of making your home clean and tidy. We offer residential cleaning service wherein homeowners can avail it whenever they need some cleaning for their homes. We clean your house from the inside to the outside and make sure not to leave any dirt or stains in the area. In addition, Mop Quest is always ready to give your home a total makeover by making it spotless and in great condition. We are always ready to give you your needs and satisfaction when cleaning is the matter.


Moreover, if you are going to move in or move out from Northern New Jersey and would want to make your home clean and organized, Mop Quest never hesitates to give you some move-in/move out cleaning so that your home will become cozy and relaxing all the time. Whatever you may need, whether a maid service or housekeeping, you can always count on us anytime and anywhere you may be in Northern New Jersey.


When you choose us as your cleaning service, you will be able to gain a lot of benefits that you will be happy about.


• We are a professional cleaning service that can provide the best and expert cleaning for your home or establishments.

• We will do the cleaning on your behalf, which will help you save time and money because we know the right way to clean, dust and sanitize homes. Not only is that, we have the tools and equipment needed for cleaning which will avoid you from buying cleaning products and paying expensive amounts.

• We will make your house healthy and free from any risks so that you will not acquire any sickness.


With Mop Quest, you will be able to find the home cleaning that you deserve. We will clean all the nooks of your home and will never leave any spot uncleaned. If you think that you did not get the satisfaction that you deserve from our house cleaning or cleaning service, you do not have to worry because we make sure that we will return and clean your house again so that we can provide you the complete satisfaction that you deserve to have.


With Mop Quest, we will make your house a real home!





Having a clean, comfortable home is important. Finding the time to conduct a thorough house cleaning is difficult, especially with all the pressures and demands already placed on you. For more than 6 years, Mop Quest Cleaning Services has offered residential maids who pride themselves in quality home cleaning services that create “me time” for our hardworking homeowners. Before joining the Mop Quest Cleaning Services family, each maid is professionally trained to perform the detailed residential maid services we provide.





We clean your home the way you want. That means our professional maid services are designed with your needs in mind. We listen and provide customized plans that make you proud of your clean, fresh home. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. At Mop Quest Cleaning Services, our professional maids clean based on your customized plan. If you’re not satisfied, our maids will come back and clean the area that did not meet your expectations. Simply notify us within 24-hours.





If for any reason you are not happy with our professional cleaning services, contact Mop Quest Cleaning Services and we will come back and clean the specific areas that didn’t meet your expectations. Simply notify us within 24-hours of your initial house cleaning